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We empower you to raise the funds you need for developing your career.

We create value for learners, schools and companies by combining talents, knowledge and resources.

Who is FutureFunded headed for?


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Do you want more people to access your program? Are you interested in the sharing economy as an alternative finance method? Would you like to promote proactiveness and creativity among your students?


Do you need to find people with the skills and competencies of the 21st century? Does your company or any employee need training in any specific skills? Do you want to bet on the new generation of talent?

FutureFunded is a community platform that allows multiple connections beyond funding, integrating experience, collaboration and employment in one.

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FutureFunded is more than access to education, it’s reimagining the whole learning and employment processes.

Latest Campaigns on FutureFunded

Course on Cybersecurity
by futurefunded

Besides everything that happens on the web fascinates me and I want to learn all of its functions....

  • 1%funded
  • €8,300target
  • 185 days to go
Entrepreneurship and In...
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I want to raise funds to access the education I need to get deeper into the enterprise world, creativity and i...

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  • €12,000target
  • 185 days to go
Digital Marketing Onlin...
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I would like to develop my professional career working and learning from others, so that later I can start my ...

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  • €900target
  • 185 days to go
Big Data and Analytics ...
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I want to boost my career but also the sector I have always worked for and that I am passionate about. For tha...

  • 1%funded
  • €8,000target
  • 185 days to go
Java Web Bootcamp
by futurefunded

I want to learn how to code, not only for the sake of getting a job but also because I consider that coding is...

  • 0%funded
  • €5,000target
  • 185 days to go
User Experience Design
by futurefunded

I experience the design world from different perspectives, since I also design small furniture and I hope to o...

  • 0%funded
  • €800target
  • 185 days to go

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