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Latest Campaigns

Ana Catana
by futurefunded

Java Web Developer @ Codeworks...

Spain, Barcelona

  • 0%funded
  • €9,800target
  • 33 days to go
Maria Giménez
by futurefunded

Cybersecurity Management @ UPC...

Spain, Barcelona

  • 13%funded
  • €8,300target
  • 15 days to go
Olga García
by futurefunded

Data Analytics @ Ubiqum Academy...

Spain, Barcelona

  • 44%funded
  • €8,000target
  • 13 days to go
Sara Valverde
by futurefunded

User Experience @ General Assembly...

Spain, Barcelona

  • 34%funded
  • €800target
  • 18 days to go
Andrea Fernández
by futurefunded

Java Web Developer @ Ubiqum Academy...

Spain, Barcelona

  • 30%funded
  • €5,000target
  • 9 days to go
Laura Zaroui
by futurefunded

Digital Marketing @ Hyperisland...

Spain, Barcelona

  • 31%funded
  • €900target
  • 7 days to go

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