Frequently Asked Questions

Why women in tech?

The world we live in is changing so fast. Technologies are raising even faster and companies need talent who knows how to master those technologies in order to innovate and evolve.

We take social impact very seriously so growth has to goes together with the improvement of our world, something we call shared value. That’s why our focus is on collectives with less privilegies and where there is a gap that can and has to be addressed urgently. To bring women in to the tech sector is now our current and only mission.

I'm a guy, can i participate?

Of course, there are many ways of getting involve. For example, you can support women to create, fund and promote their campaigns. Or you can contribute directly to FutureFunded by bringing your skills into the project.

If you want to start your own campaign with us, then you will have wait for now, the only reason is because we aim to do just one thing and do it amazingly and right now is to build the new generation of women in tech.

Stay tuned for other collectives FutureFunded will be launching soon.

How do i get the funding?

There are 5 steps to do it and we accompany you through all of them.

  1. You need to join FutureFunded, you can do it through the GET STARTED form.
  2.  You need to pick the tech skills you want to learn and a training program to develop them:
    1.  You can choose one of the programs of our tech schools partners (explore programs here).
    2. You can also be proactive and propose a program yourself, you can do it HERE.
    3. Or maybe you need us to guide you a bit, drop us an email at
  3. Start your campaign. Will help you through the entire process to make you succeed. See some examples here.
  4.  Share your campaign with the community and get your funding in exchange for work experience.
  5. Go to the program and work after with your backers.

Can I propose any education program ?

As long is tech related, your proposal is more than welcome!

As Future Funded we propose some programs with schools we have as partners (explore them here) but we are sure that there are many other programs whom with we haven’t partnered yet and that fit the philosophy and interests of our crowdfunding, you can propose them here.

How does the FutureFunded crowdfunding work?

The dynamic of crowdfunding is delivering rewards in exchange of financial contributions to reach a goal. The uniqueness of FutureFunded is that those rewards will be using your new skills and in exchange for valuable work experience.

To give you a practical example. Let’s say you want to learn how-to-code and you need 5000€ to go to a coding bootcamp. A contribution of 1000€ could have a reward of working part – time for 1 month as a junior developer in a software company and so on. When succeeding with your campaign, you not only will have the necessary funding to go to your program but also several job opportunities waiting for you afterwords. We encourage you to send your campaign to some of the companies you like most as your kick-ass presentation letter.  

To understand better about our crowdfunding type, we recommend you to look at the campaigns that others like you have created already:

How can I create a successful campaign?

There are 3 key ingredients will help you to master:

  1. A video explaining who you are, what are your motivations to learn new skills and what you will do with them after your program.
  2. A pre-campaign: Tell you friends, family and companies you are interested to work with about this new project your about to start. Get them engaged and excited. Your first backers will create traction in the first days of your campaign and backers will attract more backers.
  3. A social media campaign: Share, share and share! Explain to your backers the progress of your campaign. Make them feel part of your project and they will also spread the word for you.

We have created this folder with useful materials for you to kick asses, take a look here!

What kind of rewards can i offer?

The objective of this crowdfunding is for you to learn tech skills, so after the program you will have a bunch of those. The idea of the rewards in FutureFunded is using these new skills.

To give you an example: if you do a coding bootcamp yu could offer to create a website for a new business. Or work for this company as a junior developer for a month and gain experience.

See more ideas in our campaigns page.

Who can I expect to be my backers?

We work very close with companies in need of tech female profiles, so they will be your major backers.We will be moving your campaign all around our ecosystem, because your success is our success too. We also encourage you to contact companies you would love to work with and shown them your campaign. There is nothing more employable than a proactive aspirant.

We also believe society, your family and friends can and should contribute to your new adventure. The campaign is very useful to communicate and prove them that’s this is your current dream and that you will provide them with value in exchange.

What is the objective of the financing?

Is the amount of money that you need to raise in order to attend your education program. At the moment campaigns at FutureFunded are just to cover the cost of the education program and not other expenses like trips, materials or living costs.

Is there a minimum or maximum of financing?

The amount raised has to cover the cost of the program, no more nor less. Future Funded does not serve as a way to afford transport, materials, food and other costs associated with participating on a program.  

Take into account that FutureFunded and your buckers will have access to the information of the program and the school and will be able to see the real cost of it. FutureFunded will also check with the school if you (the student) have been accepted in to the program.

How much time i need to be successful?

You can calculate a total period of 8 weeks. Will use 2 weeks to create all the materials for the campaign and between 4 and 6 weeks to collect the funding.

Here it goes a good tip: You should consider doing a pre-campaign which means talking to possible backers about what you are about to do, so the firsts days your campaign is up you receive your first funding and this will create traction for other backers to contribute with your campaign.

Does FutureFunded has any cost?

Yes, we do but just if you reach the goal of your campaign, if not we will refund all your backers and we won’t charge you anything at all.

We haven’t invent anything here and our commission works like in the most popular crowdfunding platforms.

  1. FutureFunded commission (10% with VAT included) + Transaction fee for European cards  (1.4% + 0.25€)
  2. FutureFunded commission (10% with VAT included) + Transaction fee for Non European cards  (2.9% + 0.25€)

Stripe is our money transaction provider used by platforms like Kickstarter and we apply the exact commission they apply for its services, again, no more nor less. You can check here how Stripe and commissions work from their end.

What happens if I don’t reach my goal?

FutureFunded works on an all-or-nothing model, we understand that if you don’t have all the money to pay for the cost of the program you won’t be able to attend the program. Therefore, sadly, we will have to give back every backer their money back and we will not retain any of those funds.

I have been successfully funded. Do I receive the money myself ?

No, the money is sent directly to the school you have applied and you will be notified when this is done. After that you just need to attend the program and prove to the world and to your backers what are you capable of!

How and when do I give out the rewards?

The maximum time to deliver the rewards to all your backers is 6 months after you have finished the course, however some rewards you may be able to deliver during the time you are doing your program. Don’t leave it all to the end, interact and share with your backers your progress, make them feel like they are part of your program and personal project.

How can I fund someone's campaign?

It’s quite easy! Go to campaigns page, go to the campaign you want to fund and pick your reward. The platform will ask you for you name, email and credit card.

Do not have to worry about safety, Stripe is our transaction provider, the same Kickstarter uses. FutureFunded never has the money or credit card details of backers. Just Stripe has access and information. And just when the campaign is fully successful, Stripe will take the money from your account and send it directly to the school of the learner you have funded.

See more about Stripe here.

How can i be sure the aspirant will accomplish the course and the rewards afterwords?

We take trust very seriously at FutureFunded. Let us explain to you:

  1. We interview each of the aspirants before hand to make sure about their motivation.
  2. Almost all tech schools test them before accepting them, again to make sure about their motivation and capacities. This normally takes a month of work to the aspirant.
  3. Then they have to create the campaign which normally takes 1 more month of work.
  4. Then they launch and this is another month of work.
  5. So we are asking our aspirants to work for 3 months before starting the course. It is hard to think they will quit after all this work.
  6. We work with girls who are unemployed or underemployed, so again is hard to believe they will miss the opportunity to work and gain experience in the field they just have learned.
  7. You can also interview our girls before investing in them as part of your talent scouting and because they will be working with you afterwords.
  8. We also provide legal coverage for companies (ask as at

At FutureFunded every girl has a chance no matter what is their background but we make sure as well these girls are ready to take a compromise with FutureFunded community.

What kind of rewards do I get if I invest?

The rewards vary depending on the education program and also the learner but they may be from assisting a masterclass, doing a professional assignment related with the education program and their new skills or work for your company in exchange for your funding and a certain period of time. This is a very good way for your company to scout female talent with tech skills. 

I still have doubts, How can I contact you?

You can send us an email at