Java Web Bootcamp

Course: 4-month bootcamp in Java web with Ubiqum Code Academy.

I am Andrea Fernández, 30, born in Albacete, Spain and I have lived in many other parts of the world. I am an architect curious by nature. I have sometime without a stable job and I have decided to change my current career status.

For this I want to learn how to code, not only for the sake of getting a job but also because I consider that coding is a an alphabet one must learn and understand in this world.

Amanda Gutierrez
€500 - Template Website
Tomas Ferguson
€1000 - Full Custom Website
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This project will only be funded if at least €5,000 is raised by 09/05/2017
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  • Personalized Advice
    (20 of 20 available)

    In 1-hour I will advise you about creating your web page or how to improve the one you already have.

  • Java workshop for women
    (5 of 5 available)

    I will impart a workshop of 4 hours for you and whoever you decide (max. 10 participants) on Javascript.

  • Template Website
    (3 of 4 available)

    I will build a website for you and customize it starting with a template.

  • Full Custom Website

    I will build a website for you and customize it starting from a custom selected design.