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Hello! My name is Sherezz Grant. I am 29 years old and I was born in Trinidad and Tobago.

My interest in web development began in 2013, where I learned some basic HTML and CSS techniques to customise a WordPress theme for my music website. Then in April of 2017, I decided to take that initial interest further by doing an online course in web development. After realising my strong aptitude for coding through this course and how much fun I was having doing it, I decided this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. This is why I am leaving my career in the oil and gas industry to become a full stack web developer.

I am in love with the fact that as a web developer, I get to solve some of the world’s problems through code. Through coding, I can touch millions of lives and continue to help people in such a huge way, which would be my biggest reward from this career. I love that web development also fulfills my need for job security and my love for travel, allowing me to work with any company or for myself, anywhere in the world, in an office or remotely. And as an avid blogger, I love that I can also give back to the tech community by writing articles for my own website, as well as for Medium, and provide advice on other tech-related forums.
Looking back now, there were always signs that I was meant to be in tech. I was always very computer-savvy, excelled in math, science and IT subjects, loved being creative and solving problems, and always loved working with data and software. I am so ready for this next chapter in my life and look forward to becoming an exceptional web developer.

Program to which I have already been accepted and for which I seek funding:
Full Stack Software Engineering Program at Codeworks.

My Current Competencies:
Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Back-end: PHP, mySQL, Python
Bootstrap (responsive design)
Web/ Mobile applications
Front-end design and implementation: Websites, Landing Pages, Blogs
Music production
Graphic design
Writing/ Blogging

My future competencies:
Developer tools
Advanced JavaScript
Front-end frameworks: Angular, React, Polymer, Meteor
Back-end frameworks: Node, Express, Koa
Advanced databases

Soft Skills:
Teamwork/ Collaboration
Strong work ethic
Positive attitude
Willingness to learn from and teach others
Flexibility/ Adaptability
Working well under pressure

Certificate in Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 at Udemy

To book a call to explore rewards and other possibilities of funding my campaign, you can click on this link.

You can check my past projects here:

Visit my profile at: Linkedin | Twitter | Upwork

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Sherezz Grant
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€30 - Customise existing website/ blog/ landing page (per hour)
€400 - Build landing page or website with Bootstrap
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Sherezz Grant

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  • Contribution without reward

  • Tutoring coding workshop (per hour; up to sixteen hours)

    I would love to come to your organisation or home and deliver a coding workshop that focuses on building websites, landing pages and blogs for your personal or business use! This package can be customised based on your current level or to suit your needs.

  • Customise existing website/ blog/ landing page (per hour)

    If you already have an existing site that needs some updating, I can update it for you. Updates include a layout update, new theme installation (if Wordpress website) and more. If this site is a Wordpress website, I can also improve your website to ensure search optimisation, make your site more secure and hack-proof, and increase loading speed to improve your search ranking.

  • Proofread websites in English (per hour)

    Need someone to proofread your content? I can help! I will use my years of experience in writing and editing to scan your pages and correct any grammatical mistakes, typos and syntax.

  • Build landing page or website with Bootstrap

    Do you have an app or service that needs a landing page or one-page design? Or do you need a simple responsive website for your project or business but don’t want to rely on Wordpress? I can build this for you using Bootstrap!

  • Build website/blog/store with Wordpress

    Your next project should have a beautiful home on the web! I would love to help bring your next project to life online by building you a professional, clean and eye-catching website, blog or store. Price of theme, domain and hosting not included.

  • Build mobile apps

    Need a beautiful mobile app for your business? I can build one for you using the most popular JavaScript frameworks to date such as Angular, React and Meteor. This package can be customised according to level of work and features required.

  • Customized Reward

    Based on the skills I already have and the ones that I will learn, I am ready to define (together with you) tailor-made solutions for your business. Please get in touch at [email protected] :)

  • Professional stay

    If you’re looking for a web developer for a temporary project, look no further! I would love to assist with whatever project you are currently working on for a period up to 3 months.

  • Customized Project

    I will dedicate 3 months to deliver a project that better fits your business needs. From concept to development and implementation, I will make sure you'll be proud of sponsoring my tech education! With your demands and the coordination of FutureFunded, I'll work full time on delivering a project from 0 to 100 in 3 months. Let's make it happen!