Chatbots & AI for Marketing, Communication and Customer Success 


How to define, implement and analyse the ROI of Smart Chatbots in Marketing, Communication and Customer Success Departments


What is this?

A hands-on workshop on how to define, implement and analyze the ROI of Smart Chabots in Marketing, Communication and Customer Success Departments.

This is a course that will allow you to understand and introduce chatbots & AI in your work (and in your daily life as well!).


What do you get?

Starting with some friendly definitions to give you the foundations of virtual assistants and AI, we will show you live chatbots available for different purposes.

AI will follow, describing what is real and what is a hype. You will be able to touch the ground forgetting sci-fi and using the AI that surrounds you.

Be sure that you bring your own ideas with you, because you will start designing your own assistant with a proper explanation of the current chatbot tooling and its ecosystem.

After some hands-on work, we will also share with you some hints to demonstrate the opportunity this technology opens for you and your company in different areas and the benefits (ROI) of using it: Marketing, Communication and Customer Success.


For who is this?

This course is just for women.

Women willing to increase their knowledge on the latest tech trends on Chatbots and AI, in order to take their Marketing, Communication or Customer Success Department to the next level. Or willing to offer this service to the customers of their Agency.

For any of those brave women who want to learn, grow and improve their business results by using innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology, this course is for you.


About the School

FutureFunded Academy is the training section of FutureFunded, devoted to develop the tech skills of professional women. An Academy created by women, with women and for women.

About the instructor?

This course is conducted by Susana Duran.

Susana is currently managing the Mobile & Bots Centre of Excellence of Sage, a market leader in cloud accounting software. Sponsor and leader of collaborative development creating a golden triangle where designing mobile experiences includes UX and Marketing along with the engineering team. A believer and collaborator of the Ethics of Code for AI developers. She is also a member of Women in Mobile, an initiative aiming to increase the visibility of women in tech.


When & Where

This course took place in Barcelona on July 2018. Please, register on the following form if you are interested in future editions.