Data Analyst & Big Data


What is this?

This course works best for those with some prior experience working with numbers or those willing to do so. Mentors will help you as you gain the skills to become a Data Analyst professional.


What do you get?

By the end of this course you’ll be able to use a range of data analysis tools to help any company make better business decisions. You will bring valuable skills to your new workplace, such as interpreting significant patterns, applying data mining to business and engineering tasks, and making predictions based on data sets. Data Mining, Weka, Classification Algorithms, Language R, Presentation Skills…

In 800 hours (5 months), we take beginners with zero experience and turn them into data analysts. There is no pre-course work, which means everyone starts in the same position. This is a full-time, onsite immersive course.

Learning by Doing:
No more boring lectures. You will learn by practicing on real projects from 9-17h.

Career Support:
We help you navigate the jobs market. CV check up to 1:1 consultation.


For who is this?

Career changers:
Want a clean break from your current job? Learning to code Java is not a bad idea. As one of the most sought after programming languages in the workplace, these are directly transferable skills.

Recent Graduates:
Just graduated from high school or college? This course will provide you with the fundamental skills to launch a career in a technical field or start your own business.

Level Up:
Looking to boost your CV? This is a comprehensive Java programme, so expect to learn a lot from your existing core knowledge.


About the School

How We Teach
Our Story Centered Curriculum (SCC) was created by learning experts from top American universities. You will learn in a solid, structured, and effective way.

A Bootcamp with a Twist
Typical coding bootcamps require a coding background and pre-work for admission. Many have become highly selective as a result. This is not our case. We will accept those with no previous experience as long as they are willing to learn and progress.

More than a University
We are pioneers in the new generation of academies. We use a scientifically-proven methodology that will give you a solid understanding that you can directly transfer to the work place. Our main goal is making sure you get rewarded with a successful career for your hard work.

We offer a practical curriculum
Each course centers on projects that are similar to what students will experience in a real-life job. You will feel like a professional from the first day you start at Ubiqum.

Learning by doing
You will learn by doing through real-world tasks instead of just learning concepts and not applying your knowledge.

From 0 to 100 in 600 hours
We aren’t miracle workers, but we know how to do our job. We know we can turn a complete beginner into an employable professional in just 600 hours.

We share the risk with you
Since we are confident in our program, we are willing to share the risk with you. This is why you only pay 50% before the course starts and the rest after you get a job. We are committed to your employability. Check the Help section for details.


Course Dates

June 12th – Oct 27th
Oct 2nd – Feb 28th 2018


Course Prices

Course Price: 8.000€. Pay 50% up-front and 50% when you get a job.

Our Guarantee
You pay half up front and half when you find a job!
*See Ubiqum FAQ



“The theoretical courses are no good, companies want to see what you can do in your portfolio, so going through Ubiqum is an advantage when it comes to find a job”