Fullstack Web Dev Bootcamp


What is this?

Are you ready to change your life?

Behind our tagline there’s a strong vision about personal development, career opportunities and a new mindset. But, above all, we believe in people’s ability to get out of their comfort zones, get empowered with tech skills to build their own ideas, make a positive change in our society and achieve their dreams through an intensive learning experience.

That’s why we’ve built today’s top rated coding bootcamp according to student reviews at Switchup and Course Report: an immersive 9-week program to learn how to code and take back control of your life.


What do you get?

Over the last 5 years, we’ve built and iterated custom tools & platforms with more than 300 challenges and 45 lectures, getting rid of every friction in the process of learning to code. Above the platforms & tools, applying to Le Wagon means enrolling in an international community of 2.500+ like minded people.

During the 9-weeks we’ll cover all aspects of Fullstack Web-Development:


Learn Ruby, SQL and Rails, the web framework that makes prototyping a breeze and is the choice of startups like Airbnb, Twitter, Github, etc. Develop your front-end skills by using HTML5 and advanced CSS patterns (flexbox, CSS grid) and go deeper into Javascript.


A person who has the big picture on technical issues, who understands what MVC means, knows how to design a database schema or to dissect an HTTP request, and who can start learning a new programming language very quickly.


During the last 3 weeks of the program you’ll team up to build your own projects and learn how to define a product through user stories, create compelling value propositions, collaborate using Git and Github and get the Startup toolkit to be more efficient at the launch of your web projects.


For who is this?

The bootcamp program is designed for code beginners and anyone who wants to transform ideas into reality, land a new job, start a new business and talk the talk. The only requirements are: strong work ethic, motivation, commitment and teamwork skills.

Le Wagon is selective but not an elitist school. We welcome code beginners, creatives, entrepreneurs, career changers and any highly motivated people who ever felt frustrated for not having the right skills to:

– Transform ideas into reality

– Land a new job

– Start a new business

– Talk the talk

Our requirements: strong work ethic, motivation, commitment and teamwork skills.


About the School

Le Wagon is a coding school founded in 2013 in Paris, France by two brothers who decided to quit their corporate jobs with the mission of empowering creative people with technical skills.

For that, we’ve built and improved a 9-week intensive program to equip you with tech and soft skills to fully understand programming, build responsive web products and bring your ideas to life. No technical background needed, just your motivation.


Today, Le Wagon is the top rated coding school worldwide in student reviews (Switchup & Course Report), with more than 2500 like minded people graduated from our bootcamp. Our alumni found positions as Junior Web Developers, Product Managers (who can code, huge!), Growth Hackers, Digital Marketers, etc. Some started their own company, raised money, built a team. Others got back to their previous job with new superpowers…

Are you ready to change your life?


Course Dates

April 30, 2018 – June 29, 2018

July 9, 2018 – September 7, 2018


Course Prices

5900 EUR



“Le Wagon Barcelona was the best investment I made in myself and my career.”

Maria Sut