JS Developer Bootcamp


What is this?

Are you ready to focus 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 12 weeks? Codeworks is the leading immersive course in Europe to become a software engineer, and learn JavaScript for the full stack. We’re based in Barcelona. Our classes are taught in English, in person.


What do you get?

Intro course (remote, 4 weeks part-time)

This is where you start from if you have minimal or no coding experience. Topics include: programming fundamentals, basic JavaScript + HTML + CSS, basic HTTP + Linux + jQuery.

Pre-course (remote, 8 weeks part-time)

Now you’re able to join other applicants with more programming background, and take the admission challenge. If you pass, you’re officially admitted to our program, and enter the pre-course. Topics include: intermediate JavaScript + HTML + CSS, jQuery, Git, Developer tools, intro to APIs.

Main course (on-site, 12 weeks full-time)

This is the heart of the Codeworks system, and it’s mainly divided in two sections. During the first half you concentrate on theory and advanced programming topics. The second part is dedicated instead to applying all you’ve learned, and use it to build complete products.


For who is this?

Out there we know there are the creative spirits, the independent thinkers, the underdogs, the resolute, the indefatigable, the fighters, and the true believers. These are the kind of students we work with. They are extremely rare. We’re ecstatic when they choose Codeworks.


About the School

We believe technology helps overcome barriers. We nurture innovative talent, and empower smart people to become successful software engineers. Every day we work to advance learning paradigms, while making high quality education more accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Codeworks is the leading JavaScript bootcamp in Europe, as consistently shown by student outcomes and reviews. We give you solid software engineering foundations, and offer the top curriculum you deserve to become a successful programmer in your projects and career.


Course Dates

New classes begin every 7 weeks.
Ask for details.


Course Prices

Tuition is 9.800€ (incl. VAT).



““I never thought I could learn so much in such a short amount of time””

Michael EF