Blockchain Bootcamp


What is this?

Blended bootcamp, 200 hours + warm up.


What do you get?

The study aims to provide a comprehensive training in the area of Blockchain, the DAO’s technology and smart contracts, including crypto-coins as a cross-cutting, and special case from a triple perspective: technological, economic and financial and regulatory


For who is this?

This Blockchain Bootcamp consists of a backbone part and two end routes: one for profiles corporate & investors and another route for developers.

Corporate and Investors:

Know the fundamentals and rules governing of crypto currency, their dynamics, growth potential and investment opportunities.

Discover the ecosystem of the system of distributed accounting (DLTs) and the crypto economy, their stakeholders, services and applications.

Creation of new business models thanks to the new paradigm of global tokenization, use smart contracts, autonomous organizations and applications decentralized

Technical and Developers:

Application development environments for programming for Ethereum and Solidity, and other frameworks DLT.

Conceptualization and maintenance of Blockchain, systems and equipment for mining, Assembly and node configuration, and use of wallets.

The design of protocols and technologies that define Blockchain such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and other DLT systems as Hyperledger, Tangle, o Hashgraph.


About the School

Blockchain carries with it social and human values that we want to collect and transfer in the classroom. A more human, more democratic vision, a world with more possibilities, more collaborative and fair.

The Barcelona Institute of Technology and Education, BIT BCN, is an academic institution born with the purpose of becoming a universal benchmark for training in Blockchain and DLTs.

We believe in an over-all vision that unites talent, education and business. From this integral vision, we help talent to flourish and consolidate in the business field.

Blockchain is not the future, it is the present and it is already happening. Our purpose is to train and develop the new leaders of what is called the fourth industrial revolution.

After the financial crisis of 2007 and the blooming of Bitcoin, technological neoliberalism appears on the scene in a tangible way now more than ever, entering fully into our daily life and setting a precedent being only the beginning for what it has to come.

The Barcelona Institute of Technology and Education, enjoy the experience and take advantage together with us.


Course Dates

October 2018


Course Prices