JavaScript Full Stack Bootcamp


What is this?

Immersive, in-person 9-week course.


What do you get?

Part 1

Developing responsive websites, understanding the fundamentals of programming with JavaScript, using front-end libraries such as Bootstrap, interacting with various external APIs and mastering the developer tools.
The back-end development, understanding server-side functionality, using the database for the persistent storage, practicing Node, Express and MongoDB by building a back-end app.
In this section students are going to learn the process of deploying their apps, working with version control tool Git and starting to build their developer’s profile on GitHub. The projects for this part includes responsive website and fully-functioning front-end app using external APIs.

Part 2

By the end of these very intense 4 weeks you will have created a mobile app working on iOS and Android and a full-stack web eCommerce application.
They will have user authentication, persistent data updated in real time on all devices connected to their server. Finishing touches styling the applications incorporating the UI/UX best practices.


For who is this?

Career changers & skill builders who want to top up their skillset.

Tech skills can be applied in a wide variety of areas ranging from traditional office jobs, freelancing to building your own projects. It is exciting how many career options you have to cose from once you learn how to code. Depending on your personality and needs you can travel the world and work remote or you can top up your skillset thus giving current carer a twist. You can also start from the ground up as a web developer. Finally, for those who are innovators at heart, learning how to code gives priceless knowledge and helps acquire the skills required to build an MVP or manage a technical team.


About the School

At Barcelona Code School we keep our finger on the pulse and update curriculum from cohort to cohort eliminating outdated stuff and adding new skills therefore our students come out equipped with the latest tech tools that are in high demand on a job market.

We have a firm believe in JavaScript potential as the present and future of dynamic real-life applications.
JavaScript is by far the most popular and widely supported language which is isomorphic and can run both on server and client side. With JavaScript you can build native mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as for web.
We see a strong growth of demand for faster and function richer applications and JavaScript is able to satisfy it. This means that JavaScript experts are and will be in high demand on a job market.

By focusing on React versus outdated frameworks such as Angular, we help students to be more job ready and put them into better position since progressively more companies are choosing React. Thus, the demand for this framework, used by Facebook and Instagram among others, is only going to grow.

We imply that all of our students are coming with little or zero coding knowledge. So we start from scratch and take you to the level where you can apply for the internship or entry developer’s job. The bootcamp is challenging, so be prepared to focus 100% on it. We use a student driven approach and try to help everybody to succeed with active learning strategies where lectures and topics could be complemented or replaced based on the pace and needs of the students.


Course Dates

March 19 – May 18
May 28 – July 27
August 13 – October 12
October 22 – December 21


Course Prices


Deposit: 10% upfront deposit of 580€.

Women’s Scholarship: We feel there is a gender gap in the tech community. We are proud to promote women in tech with an upfront scholarship of 500€

Early Bird Scholarship: 500€ for those who sign up one month in advance.



“Be prepared to work hard and don’t underestimate the course. However with effort and determination you will enjoy the experience and be amazed at how much you learn!,” – Ross.