Digital Analytics for beginners and beyond


Everything you need to know to master Google Analytics data.


October 10th and 11th 2018, from 18h to 21h.

Digital analytics is the discipline that gathers data from the different digital assets of our company. It translates this data into actionable insights to help us understand our users and to continually optimize our online activity.


What is this?

On this hands-on workshop you will master how to best use the data provided by Google Analytics. The workshop will give you a broad perspective of digital analytics, explaining how it can help you optimize your online activity, and enhance the user experience of your digital assets.


What do you get?

You’ll learn to find the KPIs that best suit your company goals. This will, in turn, give you the numbers you’ll have to follow/improve.

We’ll spend some time navigating the Google Analytics tool and discovering how to make the most of the different reports. You’ll spend some time building custom reports, creating a dashboard, and learning how to use campaign tracking to improve your acquisition strategy.


For who is this?

This course is just for women.

It’s designed for women who want to increase their knowledge of the latest tech trends. particularly, digital analytics. The course is ideal for women looking to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level. The knowledge you gain can help you improve website conversion rates, or be used as a service to offer to your agency´s customers.

If you’re a woman who wants to learn, grow, and improve your business results through data-driven decision making, innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology, this course is for you.


About the School

FutureFunded Academy is the training section of FutureFunded, devoted to develop the tech skills of professional women. An Academy created by women, with women and for women.

About the instructor

This course will be conducted by Elena Millan.

Elena is a Digital Analytics Consultant who specializes in acquisition strategy. She helps her clients to understand the performance of their digital assets, and to bettter analyze the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Most recently, as part of a project with VASS, Elena has carried out the digital analytics transformation of the Catalan Government’s digital ecosystem. She is also a member of Women in Mobile, an initiative aiming at increasing the visibility of women in tech.


Course Dates

This is a two-day workshop:

  • Wednesday, October 10, from 18h to 21h
  • Thursday, October 11, from 18h to 21h

It will take place at MOB Bln, Bailèn, 11, 08010 Barcelona.


Course Price

The price of this two-day workshop is 99€.