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My name is Diana Blanco and I am a Dreamer.

I dream that one day the companies I’ll be working with, will be able to deploy strategies aligning departments through coding.

I’m a creative person, the kind that walks when thinking (preferably without shoes), I’m always looking to identify the key points that are the source to a problem, I am really energetic and my superpower is to light up the room when there are dreamers around.

Thanks to this cocktail I’ve been immersed into new ways to solve problems, help projects come to live and make things easy for others in different areas:

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A little more about myself?

Thanks to my dad, food is one of my biggest passions; for me good food evokes great conversation topics and long-lasting relationships in a personal and professional levels.

I love being a “host” to people coming to Barcelona and an ambassador of my country Colombia for everyone I meet.

Where do all of this comes from?

I’ve became an entrepreneur when I was 19 with two University friends, we kept on going with our careers and set our business aside to do our Masters Degree and then… Destiny came to my life!

I’ve been living in Barcelona for 7 years (Thank God I just came for a 6 months internship), I’ve worked on logistics, Cloud based platforms, Household products Operations, you name it!

One of the most amazing experiences I had was at Airbnb on the Activation team, I had onboarding trainings, sales trainings, was part of the Airbuddy program, the Happiness squad and all the small details that made me fall in love with design, tech and startups.

Take a sneak peek to my LinkedIn.

Where am I going?

To conquer the world! 💻💁

Juana Calle
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Cristina Calle
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Mehdi Lemaitre
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Edgar Blanco Pautt
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Natalia moreno
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Edgar Blanco
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€40 - T-shirt with super powers
€30 - Tidy work hacks for Gmail
€30 - Social Media Tutoring
€30 - Social Media Tutoring
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    ¿Forgot to send that follow up email? ¿Working on templates on a doc, or copying previously sent emails?
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  • Social Media Tutoring
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    Whether you are a beginner and want to dedicate yourself to work on social media, a small business looking to improve your current strategies or just a fun person like me, looking to improve your social media impact I will guide you though the different platforms, tools and metrics to succeed.
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  • Introduction to Customer Success Management
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    Best Customer service is no service! 💪
    Have you ever thought about how can you improve your client engagement in order to make it easy for them to communicate with you and for you to communicate with them? Let’s start with the basics because CSM is what you need.
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  • Growth hacking Techniques for your Business
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    Sometimes it’s good to look into other industries so you can really disrupt in your own! I’m here to untangle your thoughts. We’ll review together your current processes, and they way you are working towards implementing new strategies to improve conversion.
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    ¿No marketing background? ¿No Social Media Experience? ¡No problem!
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  • Customer Journey
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    ¿What’s your WOW added value for someone as soon as they becomes your client?
    ¿What’s their perception about your company? ¿How did they became clients?
    Imagine having everything mapped put, identifying bottlenecks, processes to improve and get creative ideas and or tools.
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    I’m an active and proactive energetic person full creativity, and I’d love to join your team. Let’s connect!