Ioana Iordache: Favorite Codepen projects


Ioana Iordache: Favorite Codepen projects

Inspiration is everywhere. And sometimes we just have to dig into the right places to find them. When it comes to developing amazing websites, Codepen seem to keep a pretty valuable collection of inspiration and insights.
FutureFunded asked aspirant Ioana Iordache, who wants to become a full stack developer, what are her favorite project on the platform. Here is what she shared with us:

“Although I’ve also built a Pomodoro Clock App, when taking a look at other projects for inspiration, this one definitely caught my eye. The design is elegant and spontaneous, but the code is immaculate (from a geeky person’s perception :P). It was my first encounter with SCSS and was intrigued by the practicality of it but beyond that the JQuery is amazingly well organised, commented and extremely easy to follow. You can check out the code in the “Fork Mode” here.”

2. TIC-TAC-TOE game by IoanaOrka
“I just loved the implications on this project. First struggling with constructing a simple design that’s intuitive to use but still bringing something new to the same old Tic Tac Toe game that everyone knows, and second building the intricate algorithm that never lets a user win. The interesting thing about the method is that for every move the human player does the computer calculates around 65.000 possibilities of every situation (see the console), turning the computer player into an unbeatable AI opponent. ”

Ioana is now on her final week of crowdfunding to become a full stack developer. By supporting her campaign, you can receive back some help to bring that crazy website idea come to life, or with specific requests you have regarding your current webpage. You can support her campaign here.

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