I want to be a female developer, where should I start?


I want to be a female developer, where should I start?

If you are thinking, “I want to be a female developer, but I don’t know how to start”, first, congratulations! Your decision and determination are already breaking paradigms in a sector that is currently dominated by male professionals. Your desire of becoming a programmer shows the belief that “the future of tech is female” is getting stronger between the new generations of women.

To help you start building your future now, we will share some steps to guide your path into one of the most demanded professions in the technology world. According to a recent study of Ticjob, specialists in coding are the most solicited professionals in Information of Technology (IT) in Spain.


1. Choose the training that best suits you



The first option is to study programming in a university and obtain a bachelor degree in four to five years. You can choose full time, part time or online classes.

It is worth to mention that the title of the bachelor differs depending on the institution:  Information Technology, Interactive Digital Content, Multimedia Engineering, Mathematical Engineering in Data Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Engineering in Digital Content Development, Software Engineering, Techniques in Digital or Interactive Applications, among others.



Do you want to learn about specific topics in a short time? This is a good option for you. You can choose short online courses to learn the programming logic of Java, JavaScript, PHP, or Phyton, create applications, develop web pages, and discover more about the Data Science world.

There are different options according to your rhythm and interests. In the web, you can find a wide range of possibilities, free courses or medium investment courses (in some cases the course is free but it is necessary to pay for the certification). The studies can vary between 3 and 10 weeks, and according to the program’s structure, the classes take 2 to 10 hours per week. It all depends on the course you choose.

Here you can find some options online.



Another alternative and our personal favorite is the boot camp. If you a person that prefers to learn in a collaborative way, along with other students and one tutor, and that the same time, want to conclude in a short time you should consider this possibility. You can become a JavaScript Developer, Web Developer or Full Stack Developer thanks to programs of 9 weeks to 5 months duration.

The investment in the Bootcamp is around 5.800 euros and 9800 euros. If you are interested in the possibility, check it out programs of recognized schools in Barcelona: Codeworks, Ubiqum, Iron Hack, Le Wagon, Barcelona Code School and BIT BCN.

Another positive factor to this experience is the opportunity to get to know people from different parts of the World and get in touch with different cultures.


Ioana Iordache spends time with her friends of the #Ironhack bootcamp between 10 and 14 hours a day. They have become her new family.



If you enjoy following your own rhythm learning, this option best suits you. Read books about programming (for example, Iona Iordache, FF aspirant recommends “Inclusive design patterns – Coding accessibility into Web Design”, Heydon Pickering), or look for tutorials to expand your knowledge. With effort and discipline, you always achieve your goals.


2. How can I get funding for my studies?


a) Saving

When you have a goal in mind, it only depends on yourself to achieve it. Thinking about that, you can save a percentage of your money per month so you can gather the amount necessary for the training you want to follow. The problem with this alternative is time since it will take you some years to save all the money you need.


b) Borrow a loan

You can ask for a loan from your parents or relatives to reach the goal. You could also get a loan from a bank, but you need to be careful about the interest issues because it can be very high in the long-term. In turn, you must meet specific requirements to be able to apply.


c) Make a crowdfunding campaign, why not?

The Future Funded team is ready to support you on that. For the year of 2025, we have the goal to empower 217.000 women through technology. The objective that we established thanks to your will to change the statistics that it will take 217 years to end gender inequality. How are we going to start this change? We propose you a crowdfunding campaign or a collective financing. In return, you offer people who support your campaign different services and knowledge, in the same style of rewards of worldwide crowdfunding platforms. Different people support you economically, and you offer in exchange to create one incredible webpage or app, or even offer an initiation chat about programming. For example, take a look at the actives campaigns of Anastasia Pozidi y Yeidy Costa.

In this system of exchanges, the companies also participate. This is how it works: One company invest on you through your campaign, and when you finish the Boot camp, you enter on your company as a programmer for an undetermined time (in general for two to three months). For example, Clickedu and Cyberclick financed our first aspirants, Tatiana and Iona.

It is extremely important that you share your campaign with your family, friends and the rest of your network to achieve the main goal. During this process, we are going to accompany you to maximize all your skills, both your academic and soft skills. After achieving success in the campaign, we help you to organize yourself so you can carry out all the projects for the people who bet on you.
Do you like this idea? If you wish to know more about the project, tell us a little more about you and we let you know you all the details.

3. Study and code


Learn everything about programming in CodePen, GitHub, GitLab and rediscover your talent for tech.


4. Create your work!


Now you are ready to become a part of the tech department of a company and to leader new projects. Let’s go, future female developer, #womenintech we can do it all!

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