I risked my car: I wanted to learn something new


I risked my car: I wanted to learn something new

We talked with Rod Reyes, an American expat in Barcelona now Codeworks alumnus, who tells us about his experience financing his way to attend a Coding Bootcamp. Codeworks is a leading immersive course in Europe to become a software engineer, and learn JavaScript for the full stack. We’re based in Barcelona. Their classes are taught in English, in person.

What were you doing before Codeworks and why did you decide you needed to do a bootcamp?

I’ve been a web developer for over a decade, but primarily using open-source CMS platforms. I wanted to pivot my career towards more Javascript development, using the latest frameworks and libraries, so I had been researching bootcamps to help me achieve that. I came across Codeworks doing an online search when I was traveling through Europe last summer. Their program appealed to me because of the Javascript curriculum, the 3-month duration, the reasonable tuition, and above all, its location in Barcelona. I had already been planning to visit the city, so I arranged to visit the school and speak to the staff. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. I applied and got accepted, then started the on-site portion of the program last November.

Did you think twice about when knowing the price?

Some of the bootcamps in the SF Bay Area were quite expensive though, so I looked for options that I might be able to afford on my own. Many of the programs overseas were much more reasonable in terms of pricing, which is another reason I sought a school outside of SF.

Tell us about the payment process

I had to seek lending options within the US. I had considered using a credit card with a high credit limit, or taking out a personal loan. I spoke to a representative from one of my banks, who suggested putting a new lien on my car, that I had originally financed through them and was already fully paid off. Luckily, my car was new enough to fall within their criteria for the car loan, and that’s the financing solution I ended up using.

At the end, was it worth it?

Here are the things I had hoped to get out of the Codeworks program: I wanted a deeper dive into Javascript. I wanted the ability to build web and mobile apps using popular Javascript frameworks. I wanted to learn and collaborate with a group of smart professionals who shared a similar mindset and goals.

I achieved all of those goals, and am currently in the process of finding a job here.

It was an intense program, but it was definitely well worth the time and money.

Would you have used Future Funded knowing that it could’ve automatically connected you with potential employers?

If I had known about Future Funded, I would have definitely used their service.

I am currently in the process of looking for jobs so being connected to potential employers would have been an added bonus. In addition I would not have had to risk my vehicle in order to get my education!

If I decide to attend another Coding bootcamp in the future I will be sure to use FutureFunded!

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