How is the Bootcamp experience? Ioana, our future programmer, tells us her story at Ironhack


How is the Bootcamp experience? Ioana, our future programmer, tells us her story at Ironhack

Hello beautiful humans,
One year ago I started to learn to programme. I had a Computer science degree but with a pause of 8 years, I did not know really where to start. Between the day job and Barcelona life, I was really struggling to learn and apply my knowledge. I was finishing an online Bootcamp (FreeCodeCamp) but I was not really pleased with my pace when I met Laura and everything changed.
I became the new aspirant in FutureFunded and everything started moving super fast. We did social campaigns, daily meetings, emails, reaching people, basically a lot of work for which I am really grateful to the whole team because we did it. In a super short time and with a lot of creativity we successfully ended my crowdfunding campaign that lead me to start the next best thing in my career, a programming Bootcamp.
Ironhack is a 9 weeks intensive Bootcamp and I am currently exactly in the middle. Honestly, I can say that I survived the first half, the word INTENSIVE is to be taken seriously. 😁The school is divided into 3 modules, each one has a final project, it’s actually super fast because you spend 2 weeks in learning at least 10 new technologies and then a week to make an awesome project.
Ioana and her new-and crazy-family! “Work hard, play hard” is their motto!
We basically spend most of our days at the Bootcamp and work around 10 to 14 hours a day. The school has become our home, and we feel like a small family. We deal with our success, failures and frustration together.  I have learned so much from the people there, it’s an amazing experience. And the teacher, oh the teacher! He does amazing programming and communicates everything so good that listening to him for 9 hours is a pleasure. He is a super skilled organiser and pro-active leader that manages our cohort and connects the smallest details with the help of our TA’s.
On the first module, I managed to put together this cute game that you can actually play here so go ahead, have fun and let me know what you think. Next Monday I need to start building a whole app so wish me luck, it’s gonna be an intensive week. But  before that, on Friday (every Friday) we have Ironbeers. You know that concept: work hard, play hard? Well at Ironhack we take very seriously the play part. Honestly, I think we would go crazy if we continued at this pace without a break so Ironbeers is there at the end of every week to relax, unwind and go crazy (in the good way).
Overall I could say that my world has completely changed in the last 2 months. I am learning a LOT of stuff, expanding my brain and knowledge with a pace that sometimes hurts, but the experience is amazing. Big challenging come with great accomplishments and last but not least I am surrounded by amazing people that teach me every day how to be a better human. Can It get even better than this?
What can I say? I am super grateful for everything that unfolded until now and really excited about things to come. I will keep you posted 😉

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