Could coding help change your day to day life?


Could coding help change your day to day life?

Technology rules our world and there’s seemingly little we can do to stop this digital flood that is transforming our lives. As the digital jobs market continues to heat up, do ever feel like learning to code is something you ought to know? But given 5 minutes of thought, you think “nah, that’s just too tricky for me to get serious”.

At Ubiqum we see our students jump into a completely unknown environment where they had to learn how to communicate with technological devices. Amazingly enough, they started to believe in a very short time that impossible is just a word.

Ever since we have kicked off our project to democratize the complex world of programming and to inspire professionals with zero or basic technical background, we have been able to see some shared traits in the way our students are facing coding issues.

After jumping into the learning process with enthusiasm, they immediately hit a wall.

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However, we also noticed how incredibly fast they learn to overcome the barriers when they are motivated enough. After each fall they became more tied up to the learning experience, more independent when writing code and more willing to make progress faster.

Why is that? What’s unique about coding? I’d argue, it’s for the simple fact that when you solve the problem, you can instantly test and receive the result. That’s not the case in most work, where you may need to wait for end of a quarter till your manager gives you concrete feedback on your performance. In web development, there’s literally no limit on how far you can develop, test and grow.

Not only is the dream of a well-payed coding career that constantly pushes them to keep improving their work, but for most of them, the underlying motivation comes from a personal sense of achievement in cracking a problem.


Based on our experience, here are some of the most important coding benefits that can help you accelerate your personal growth:

1. Sharpen your skills with a problem-solving mindset: coding is about how to break down complex problems and solve them. With programming experience you learn that no problem is as complex as it seems. So, here goes our advice: be prepared for making mistakes because you will learn very quickly how to anticipate them!

2. Get more control over your decision-making process: learning by doing is the best way to prepare our students for real-world challenges. That is why we decided to train them more on how to use the computational tools in order to achieve their goals, rather than to focus only on the syntax .

3. Boost your productivity with process optimization methods: it is very common in software developing processes to get used to shortening wait time or maximizing output. This explains why programmers try to optimize all the things they do in order to get the most out of all their endeavours.

4. Stop dreaming at your own business and start working on making it a reality: coding is not only for future developers but also for anyone who wants to start a business. Many digital entrepreneurs have started off with no coding knowledge and have gone on to build their own businesses.

5. It’s way more useful in all types of jobs than you think: our students found that coding is a great way to amplify the skills you already have. Are you interested in design – turn yourself into a full UX –UI Designer. Are you a digital marketer – well suddenly you can really evaluate the websites you’re managing. People should see coding more as a language than as a static thing that leads to a static one dimensional job.

Bottom line: contrary to the popular misconception, coding is not necessarily for the skilled geeks only, but for those with an intrepid spirit. It is open to all and it can be learned by anyone.


Whatever non-technical background you have, learning a programming language requires some basic key factors: start small and be motivated enough to overcome the challenges. In short, enjoy what are you doing.

Happy coding!


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