3 tips for a successful educative funding campaign


3 tips for a successful educative funding campaign

Future Funded is the first collaborative fund raising platform who allows you to create your educative campaign to get the digital and tech-related skills of the 21st century. As you may already know, the success of your campaign will be based on your hard work and your ability to involve a community to reach your ambitions. Taking the time to plan ahead for your campaign’s execution will help you set yourself up for success before launching it. As we know it isn’t an easy task, here are 3 tips you can follow before starting yours:


  1. Be unique

The uniqueness and diversity of your rewards make up an important part of your project’s success. Make sure your potential investors get the feeling you would offer them a compensation, whatever its nature, that can be done by you better than by anyone else asking for the same kind of funding for the same kind of skills. How? By not being afraid to reveal your personality through your pitch, as it’s your best asset to stand out from the competition. Also, make sure you link your wish to acquire certain skills through training programs for a concrete project that is ambitious and sustainable enough over the long term. About the form, a project explained in a concise and relevant way, in which most people can project themselves will be your best asset to reach the greatest number.


  1. Stay connected + Use social media to build a network

Think of it that way: only 20% of your posts should be dedicated to directly asking people to pledge to your campaign. The other 80% should globally address meaningful things such as exciting project news or relevant accomplishments, with your crowdfunding’s campaign link at the end. If you continually ask people to pledge, they will loose interest for your project, and you would be wasting an important lever of interest that’s originally simple enough to acquire through social media, or simply through your own network. Also, make sure to use your supporters’ contact details to stay in touch with them after the campaign has finished. Keep them updated and start building a trustworthy relationship with what seem to be your new business partners!


  1. Deliver the rewards you promised

This part may seem obvious to you, but what we mean by it is: deliver it, and deliver it on time, by making sure to put all the needed efforts that your commitments require. The consideration you offer to those who believed in you and your project will be a showcase of your credibility and talent in the future. Also, always keep in mind that many opportunities can come your way at any time, especially in the tech fields, which skills’ will be required in all kinds of jobs within a few years. If you are unable to meet the schedule of your commitments because of a serious setback, be honest with your investors by taking the time to warn them of a possible delay. They’ll be far more understanding than if you just don’t say anything.



By Inès Zaroui

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