3 essential skills for the new world


3 essential skills for the new world

It’s been a while now that the term crowdfunding sounds on the internet and appears in conversations around us. We all know someone who has carried out a campaign and / or contributed to a project that has caught our attention, in exchange for a nice reward. If we break down the term, crowd and funding, the thing is clear, we are talking about collective financing or “micromecenazgo”, as we say in the Spanish territory. 

Some of the most popular international platforms are Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Ulule; Verkami or Goteo, at a national level. Gurus, the market and again, the Internet, say and assure that nowadays it is convenient to specialize, focus on a niche and this is what the just mentioned platforms have done. Kickstarter for example, is the platform to find and acquire the latest technological gadgets, Indiegogo is positioned as the platform for entrepreneurs, Ulule for less technological but creative projects, Goteo focuses on projects with social impact and Verkami is positioned as the one for the local creatives. 

Now let’s talk about education and niches, again. FutureFunded is also committed to crowdfunding, this time for educational and employment purposes. Its approach is to enable us to create a crowdfunding campaign to fund a course we want to attend, inviting people and companies to invest in our training in exchange for services and employment, putting into practice the new skills that we have acquired during the training. 

Creating a crowdfunding campaign is not a matter of a morning, nor two, but what you can extract from the process, makes it worth it. Running a crowdfunding campaign involves learning and developing certain skills, and creating new personal and professional relationships that will be forever. We mention some of them and the reason for their value:

Creativity: It takes a good dose of it to design and develop a campaign that seduces your backers. Here the techniques are varied, from copywriting, to creating videos and images, juicy rewards and a good social media strategy. Techniques now accessible to all thanks again, to the internet and technology.

Collaboration: Crowdfunding is not a solitary process, but a collective process and around you, different people will support you, either with their time and / or their money, they will automatically become your collaborators. In a conscious and unconscious way you will develop a network of trustworthy professional people, among whom you will be helpful to each other today and tomorrow. But do not forget that in a collaborative relationship, the value is exchanged in equal amounts and in both directions.

Proactivity: For all this to happen the most important ingredient is the proactivity, your daring, your passion and your desire to make it happen. Your predisposition to carry out with what you believe in, your ability to mobilize human, economic and energy resources. Proactivity is the engine that makes us learn, discover, grow and evolve.

There are already many headlines, articles and conferences that talk about the development of “soft skills. Competences such as creativity, collaboration, proactivity, empathy or critical thinking, are what characterize us as humans. In a world in which technology is increasingly present, in which many processes have been and will be even more automated; society and companies realize that what really matters and what can differentiate us from the machines are precisely the intrinsically human competences, that is, the “soft” competences.

Developing a network of people around you in which you trust and you are trusted is crucial for a world in which we change jobs several times throughout our lives. Having people to go to and being one of them is also what will allow you to get into the path of new opportunities when they appear, because let’s not forget that this is a world made up of individuals, whether in the form of a company, project or organization.

In these times of hyperconnection it becomes more evident than ever to create projects that belong to the crowd, where the challenge of one can be solved by many and benefit all parties. And that is why crowdfunding seems to us a new model yet to mature, but with great potential for its accessibility, its democratizing capacity and its contemporary sense.

Long live to crowdfunding!

By Laura Fernández


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